Stefano Sacanna

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
M.Sc., University of Bologna, Italy; Ph.D., Utrecht University

Phone: 212-998-3766
Office: Brown Building, 29 Washington Place, Room 666
Lab Homepage

Areas of Research/Interest
Colloidal chemistry, material science, and self assembly.

Research Description
The Sacanna Lab's research focuses on using colloidal matter to engineer nano- and micro-structured new materials. At the interface between chemistry, physics and material science, we design synthetic methods to create smart colloidal building blocks and aim to define and collect general self-assembly principles.

    • S. Sacanna, M. Korpics, K. Rodriguez, L. Colon-Melendez, S-H. Kim, D.J. Pine and G-R. Yi. Shaping colloids for self-assembly. Nature Communications, doi:10.1038/ ncomms2694.
    • J. Palacci, S. Sacanna, A. P. Steinberg, D.J. Pine, P.M. Chaikin. Living Crystals of Light Activated Colloidal Surfers. Science, 339, 936 (2013).
    • S. Kim, A.D. Hollingsworth, S. Sacanna, D.J. Pine, and G. Yi. Synthesis and assembly of colloidal particles with sticky dimples. JACS, 134 (39), (2012).
    • S. Sacanna, L. Rossi and D.J. Pine. Magnetic click colloidal assembly, JACS,134 (14), (2012).
    • S. Sacanna and D.J. Pine. Shape-anisotropic colloids: Building blocks for complex assemblies, Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science, 16, 96-105 (2011).
    • L. Rossi, S. Sacanna, W.T.M. Irvine, P.M. Chaikin, D.J. Pine and A. P. Philipse. Cubic Crystals from Cubic Colloids, Soft Matter, 7 (9), 4139-4142 (2011).
    • S. Sacanna, W.T.M. Irvine, P.M. Chaikin and D.J. Pine Lock and Key Colloids, Nature, 464, 575-578 (2010).
    • S. Sacanna, W. K. Kegel and A.P. Philipse Spontaneous oil-in-water emulsification induced by charge-stabilized dispersions of various inorganic colloids, Langmuir, 23 (21), 10486-10492 (2007).
    • S. Sacanna and A.P. Philipse. A generic single-step synthesis of monodisperse core-shell colloids based on spontaneous Pickering emulsification. Advanced Materials, 9 (22), 3824-3826 (2007).
    • S. Sacanna, W. K. Kegel and A.P. Philipse. Thermodynamically stable Pickering emulsions, Physical Review Letters, 98, 158301 (2007).

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