Neville R. Kallenbach

Professor of Chemistry
B.S., Rutgers University; Ph.D., Yale University; Postdoctoral research, University of California at San Diego

Phone: 212-998-8757
Office: Waverly Building, 24 Waverly Place, Room 866
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Areas of Research/Interest
Biophysical chemistry of proteins and nucleic acids: structure, sequence, and site selectivity in DNA-drug interactions, protein folding, model helix and beta sheet structures


Z. Shi, K. Chen, Zhigang Liu & N. R. Kallenbach. (2006) Conformation of the backbone in unfolded proteins. Chemical Reviews. (in press)

Lee-Huang, Sylvia; Maioriov, Vladimir; Huang, Philip L.; Ng, Angela,; Lee, Hee Chul; Chnag Young-Tae; Kallenbach, Neville R.; Huang, Paul L.; Chen, Hao-Chia. Structural and functional Modeling of Human Lysozyme Reveals a Unique Nonapeptide HL9 with Anti-HIV Activity. Biochemistry 44, 4648-4655 (2005).

Chen, Kang;Liu, Zhigang; Shi, Zhengshuang; Kallenbach, Neville R. Neighbor Effect on PPII Conformation in Alanine Peptides. Journal of the American Chemical Society 127, 10146-10147 (2005).

Z.Shi, B.A. Krantz, N.R. Kallenbach, and T.R. Sosnick, Contribution of hydrogen bonding to protein stability estimated from isotope effects.  Biochemistry 41, 2120-9 (2002).

Z.Shi, C.A. Olson, G.D. Rose, R.L. Baldwin, and N.R. Kallenbach, Structure in the unfolded state of polypeptides. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (2002).

S. Taudte, H.Xin, A.J. Bell, Jr. and N.R. Kallenbach, Interactions between HMG boxes. Protein Engineering, 14, 1015-1023, (2001).

Kallenbach, N. R. Breaking open a protein barrel. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 98(6): 2958-2960, 2001.

Taudte, S., H. Xin, and N. R. Kallenbach. Alanine mutagenesis of high-mobility- group-protein-1 box B (HMG1-B), Biochem. J. 347(pt. 3): 807-814, 2000.

Xin, H., S. Taudte, N. R. Kallenbach, M. P. Limbach, and R. S. Zitomer. DNA binding by single HMG box model proteins, Nucleic Acids Res. 28(20): 4044- 4050, 2000.

Guggenheim (1971), National Science Foundation (1961), and National Institutes of Health (1963) Fellowships; Golden Dozen Award for Excellence in Teaching (1992); Herman and Margaret Sokol Award for Research (1994)

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