The Department of Chemistry Welcomes Tianning Diao


The New York University Department of Chemistry welcomes Tianning Diao, who will join the department faculty in the summer of 2014!

At NYU, Tianning will build a research program that impacts the fields of organometallic, organic, and inorganic chemistry. Her group will focus on long-standing challenges in organic synthesis and sustainable energy research, aiming to provide strategically creative solutions through the development of transition metal catalysts. The rational design of these catalysts will be based on a thorough understanding of reaction mechanism. Tianning’s group will also synthesize and characterize unprecedented organometallic complexes with the goal of elucidating fundamental principles of molecular bonding and structure.

Tianning received her Bachelor’s Degree in chemistry from Fudan University in China and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where she worked in the lab of Prof. Shannon Stahl. For her doctoral research, she developed aerobic dehydrogenation reactions for efficient syntheses of pharmaceutical compounds and conducted mechanistic studies on the palladium catalysts. In 2012, Tianning started postdoctoral research in the lab of Prof. Paul Chirik at Princeton. Her discovery of new cobalt complexes with redox-active ligands has enabled practical hydrosilylation reactions to produce silicone molecules. We look forward to Tianning’s arrival this July as an Assistant Professor.

Updated on 02/19/2014