Congratulations 2017 Graduates!

The graduating chemistry students celebrated on May 15, 2017 with an intimate departmental ceremony and reception.  They were joined by their families and professors for an afternoon filled with festivity and pride all around.  After a welcome by Chemistry Chair Jim Canary, this year's graduates were congratulated by the guest speaker, President Andrew Hamilton!  Director of Graduate Studies Kent Kirshenbaum presented those students receiving doctoral degrees, and Director of Undergraduate Studies Alexej Jerschow presented the students receiving bachelors degrees.  The Edward J. McNelis Thesis Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Chloe Morgan, the Morris Fishman Award for Excellence in Organic Chemistry was presented to Tyler Heitmann, and the Harold Seidenstein Award was presented to April Mueller.  The chemistry faculty turned out to offer their congratulations to a record number of students.  After the ceremony, guests adjourned to a champagne reception.  Lucky raffle winners were bestowed with "treasures" from the NYU Bookstore and all graduates received some special keepsake souvenirs!  We hope the graduates and their parents enjoyed the intimacy of the Chemistry Department Graduation Ceremony and Reception, and left us ready to enjoy the marathon of larger-scale celebrations that would come in the following days.

Congratulations, Graduates!  See a few pictures, below.  For a shamelessly unedited return to the event, and access to the many photos, click here!


Updated on 05/17/2017