The Department of Chemistry Welcomes Daniel Turner

 dbtheadshotNYUchem.jpeg The New York University Department of Chemistry welcomes Daniel Turner, who will join the department faculty in Fall 2013!

Before joining NYU, Daniel performed graduate research in physical chemistry in the Keith Nelson group at MIT. His work involved fundamental studies of many-body effects in semiconductor nanostructures, an important area of modern condensed-matter physics research. In 2010, he became a postdoctoral fellow in the Greg Scholes group at the University of Toronto, where his research shifted to biophysics. Daniel’s postdoctoral work primarily includes studies of energy-transfer dynamics in photosynthetic proteins, which falls in the emerging field of quantum biology. Most of his research involved nonlinear optical spectroscopy measurements; he has developed several 2D and 3D electronic spectroscopy techniques, similar to 2D NMR techniques but at visible wavelengths. Daniel’s work at NYU will involve spectroscopy development to study a variety of interdisciplinary topics.
Daniel holds bachelor degrees in Mathematics and Chemistry from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN.  He comes to NYU Chemistry as an Assistant Professor, where he will be a member of the new Molecular Nanoscience Laboratory.  We look forward to his arrival in November.

Updated on 02/19/2014